Horstman's Poultry

 Silvered Pencil Rock

Plymouth Rocks have been my favorite breed for over 50 years.

After the Barred, the Silver Penciled variety is my favorite. I raised them in the 60s and 70s from stock obtained from Charles McIntosh in Ohio.  He kept a layer flock of over 300 exhibition Silver Penciled Rocks.  We dispersed these in the late 70s.  In the early 90s I purchased some from Tommy Stanley and continue with that line today. We did purchase the flock of Silver Penciled Rocks from the Superior Farms dispersal.


These are very good and can compete at any level. We had best Silver Penciled Rock at Lucasville & Crossroads.

They do have excellent color and type. We do have birds of standard weight but like all Silver Penciled Rocks they do not have the massive bodies of the Whites. Most Whites are overweight.
They are excellent layers of a large brown eggs. They are excellent free range birds.
Silver Penciled Rocks are a very rare heritage variety.