Horstman's Poultry

Bearded Silver Laced Polish

Our Bearded Silver Laced Polish are 100% Dick Greubel bloodline.  Dick was a crested bantam specialist for over 50 years.   We are privileged to continue this old line of Polish bantams.


They are well within the standard weights of cock: 30 oz., hen & ckl. 26 oz. and pullet 24 oz.


We continue to breed for large crests and good beards annually raising 50 to 75 birds.

This strain of Bearded Silver Polish lays a very large egg for a bantam. Most of them are the size of a small to medium large fowl egg. Fertility is never a problem with them. Egg color is white.

We very seldom show them but they are good enough to compete at any level.


Bearded Silver Polish bantams are very rare.

They are an ABA & APA recognized breed and variety