Horstman's Poultry

Barred Rock Bantams

I have been breeding  Barred Rock bantams for 52 years. I have bred most breeds of large fowl and bantams in that time but the Barred Rock bantam has survived them all.

The first trio came from Esdale bantam yards in 1959, the next year I added a trio from Jack Faust here in Pennsylvania.  In May of 1960 I also added a trio from Ralph Sturgeon for the whopping price of $5.  I still have the cancelled check in a frame on my living room wall.  Shortly after that I became friends with Larry Hancock of Fostoria, Ohio and over the years many birds were shuttled between here and there.  I became a student of the Larry Hancock Barred Rock University until his death.

Our Barred Rocks have won at the biggest and the smallest shows in the country.
They are very good layers of a medium bantam egg. They will set and hatch their own and they make good mothers.  


They are very docile and can usually be picked up at any time even when running outside.  They also make excellent 4-H projects.